Airplix Team

Airplix FlugTag Volunteers ......................

  • Fabrice Laborie
    day time job: making sure Manish does his Day Job
    airplix job: Glue Viscosity supervisor
  • Karine Laborie
    day time job: Teaching French
    airplix job: NewsPaper collector and Logistics manager
  • David Lewis
    day time job: Planning the next 'crazy' challenge [3rd Flutag Dubai 2009]
    airplix job: Supply Co-ordinator.
    airplix objective: To loose weight as the warehouse has reverse air-conditioning!
  • Denise Ponthieu
    day time job: Pilot Recruitment Specialist
    airplix job: Ensure the lads stay on track and keep their minds focused on the project.
  • Manish Philipose
    day time job: bug fighter
    airplix job: Hulk Airplix
  • Basel Sawirus
    day time Job: as u know nothing
    airplix job: Make sure that team drinks Red Bull ... with sugar
  • Jim Mercer
    Jim Mercer was raised by chipmunks in the southern-most reaches of Canada. While his forte is origami, his aeronautical experience is limited to that of balsawood airplanes, and watching take-offs at the airport. Over the years, Jim has developed a career in Internet Infrastructure, and is an expert at adding more tubes to the internets. Jim has never attended an institution of higher learning, but has been charged with trespassing on three campuses.
  • Ann
    airplix job: Gaul Helmets Manufacturing
  • Selwyn
    airplix job: Gaul Helmets Quality Assurance
  • Caroline
    airplix job: Putting a Head on Airplix' shoulders, Caroline is our Painter and Sculptor.
  • Guest stars: Alexia & Alexis alias the A-Team
    day time job: electronic & computer science worker in south of France
    airplix job: If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire. No... just kidding. We where on holiday at Fabrice & Karine 's and that was a cool thing to do, see.
  • Phil and his 4 kids : Phil, George, Diane, Audrey and Tina visited Airplix many times and actively contributed in cutting, sticking with white glue, wiring, coloring,holding, wiping the floor with legs and trousers, tasting Red Bull and liking it a lot...